Thursday, October 14, 2004

Malkin Flashback


Under the headline "A Retarded Immigrant Strives for Independence," reporter Arthur Bovino notes approvingly that 21-year-old Kareen Dupervil, a mentally retarded Haitian woman "with a first-grade reading level," has applied for a job as a baggage handler at La Guardia Airport in Queens, N.Y.

The Times writer tells us that Dupervil "took a test at the airport with two other mentally retarded adultsThough Ms. Dupervil did not pass, the trainer who gave the test called [her job counselor] to encourage her to study and try again." Thanks to help from the Brooklyn Bureau of Community Service, a government-funded charity that provides disabled and "undocumented" persons with employment assistance and is supported by the Times's Neediest Cases Fund, Dupervil will be tutored "for the test twice a week. She will take the test again in a few months."

And she will take the test again and again, presumably, until she passes-or sues under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act to get the job. Only the best and the brightest security professionals at our nation's airports.

The Times article reports that Dupervil "likes to cook spaghetti" and "likes to smile," by the way, but fails to inform us on the basic fact of whether she is even here legally or not. So much for the new and improved New York Times. But let's do as the Times editors always do, and leave Dupervil's immigration status aside.


Now we know. The slow and the witless can line up for airport security jobs, smile brightly, flunk until they pass their tests, and reap the rewards of the continued dumbing down of America.