Sunday, October 31, 2004

Shenanigans Continue

Even after being busted, the thugs in West Virginia are still at it:

For Immediate Release

Contact: Stephen Skinner


Charles Town, W.V., Oct . 31, 2004 – Democratic leaders in one of the
nation’s most hotly-contested battleground states are receiving reports
of voter suppression activities that can be traced back to the
Republican Party. The suppression activities have continued despite
warnings from officials in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties.

“These phone calls are outrageous and illegal,” says Michael Cassell,
Chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party. “They are designed
to suppress the vote for John Kerry and all democrats. The republicans
were warned before, but they continue to break the law”

In mid-October, John Smalls, County Clerk in Berkeley County, W.V.,
sent a letter to the Eastern Panhandle Republican Party about phone
calls that were traced back to its headquarters. The calls made to
Democrats in this tri-county area 60 miles northwest of Washington,
D.C., informed Democratic voters they were either not registered at
all, or would not be able to vote on election day.

At that time, Republican Party spokesperson Mary Diamond admitted that
some mistakes may have been made. She said the calls were made to
determine if people were registered to vote.

When he learned of the activities in neighboring Berkeley County, John
Ott, the top election official in Jefferson County stated, “This is an
improper act.” He encouraged voters to contact authorities if they
receive improper phone calls.

In the last few days, suppression activities have spread to Jefferson
County. Several voters have received phone calls telling them that
they are not registered despite the fact that they are.

“These calls are being made by people who claim they are calling from
Democratic headquarters in Charles Town,” Cassell said. “They trick
voters into revealing personal information, and then tell them they
cannot vote.”

“He told me I was not a registered voter,” said Bill Jackson of Charles
Town, of the phone call he received. “Later when I found out that he
was not calling from Democratic headquarters, I was outraged. I wonder
how many other voters have gotten these calls.”

“This is exactly the kind of dirty trick Republicans tried in Florida
four years ago.” Cassell says. “I’m calling on the US Attorney to
prosecute these illegal phone calls. ”