Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Troubles in Florida

From CNN:

Gary Tuchman: Now, there are some people concerned about these machines, that they don't give you receipts. Only in Nevada you get a receipt but you don't get to keep it but you see your vote on a receipt paper, here you don't.

Now, with us right now is a woman by the name of Suzanne Goldstein who voted the other day during the early voting process with one of the touchscreen machines, and you tell me you wanted to vote for John Kerry. Tell me what happened."

Suzanne Goldstein: "That's correct. When I went in on wed supervisor elections; I checked John Kerry, Betty castor and the Democratic slate. When i came to the last page which was the review screen, I was horrified when I saw that every choice I made had come up incorrect and just the opposite.

Gary Tuchman: So, you're saying that you voted for Kerry for President, but on the view screen, which is that last place you look before you tabulate your vote, it said George W. Bush?

Suzanne Goldstein: It did, it did.

Gary Tuchman: What did you do?

Suzanne Goldstein: So, what I did was, my husband nearby and we called poll workers, clerks. They came over and at that point they wanted to try to review. And I didn't want them to touch it.

They first were telling me that I probably made a mistake, maybe I didn't know what I was doing.... so finally, I asked for an attorney from outside. So someone did come in, and at that point we went back, and at that point, sure enough, I had voted correctly.

Gary Tuchman: What happened to the machine?

Suzanne Goldstein: Umm, they didn't know. They really didn't know what --

Gary Tuchman: -- did you get to vote?

Susan Goldstein: I did get to vote but I stopped the voting process on that machine, requested for it to be taken away and I voted on the next machine.

Gary Tuchman: Susan, thanks for joining us. We should tell you that operatives at elections office at Talllahassee that thera are some problems ocassionally but there are millions of votes on these machines and they believe these machines are performing very reliably. Kyra, back to you.

(transcribed by voxpopgirl)