Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Big Gay Anderson

It's not exactly a huge secret that Anderson Cooper is gay. He was rather out in his pre-CNN incarnation, and then went more in. I've been told CNN requires no discussion of his personal life in interviews, though I can't verify that. One wonders if this policy (if true) extends to all their talent. An incorrect transcript of a recent show made it seem as if he'd outed himself, but apparently that didn't happen.

But, for all you anti-outers -- which of you complained when Daryn Kagan was widely "outed" as being Rusty Limbaugh's new honeybunny? As long as personal lives are fair game... they're fair game.

...just to add, in case there's any misunderstanding, in calling something "fair game" I didn't mean "fair game for attack" -I meant "fair game for discussion." I don't think calling someone "gay" is an attack. The Limbaugh reference was about how Kagan's personal life isn't off-limits. There's no reason to attack Cooper or anyone else simply for being gay. However, there's a problem with what appears to be CNN's desire to keep him in the closet.