Sunday, December 19, 2004

BoBo's World

Natalism marches on...

The slaying of pregnant women will be yet another delightful consequence of either rolling back Roe or a campaign to shame women who have abortions.

Amy Sullivan says:

Democrats have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to their record of protecting life. But no one is going to listen to them if they're too busy chanting "I'm not sorry".

Yes, we should be apologizing for things we aren't ashamed of. Someone pour me a drink.

...for the dozens of people who inevitably drop into these threads to argue that they think that the pro-choice position that abortion should be legal after viability is wrong...

The Roe decision said states couldn't make abortion before viability illegal (excepting health/life mother of course). No pro-choice group that I'm aware of has argued for the legality of post-viability abortion. Though, obviously, some people, particularly those on long flights with many screaming children, have argued for keeping it legal until age 10 or so.