Monday, December 20, 2004

Immunity From Everything

I think certain protections for the press are necessary. I'm even slightly sympathetic (though I think they're wrong) to the arguments that the Plame journalists shouldn't have to testify. But, this comment by a lawyer regarding news organizations which have been sued by subpoenaed by Steven Hatfill is ridiculous:

"News organizations are supposed to gather news, as opposed to spending their time performing research and testifying in court on behalf of various parties with axes to grind," Dave Tomlin, the assistant general counsel for AP, said in a report published by the wire service.

You know, that basic argument didn't work for Bill Clinton, and he was president at the time. And, actually, he was only making the case that he was temporarily a wee bit too important and too busy to participate in civil suits, not that he should be immune for perpetuity.

UPDATE: Oops. I messed up. Hatfill isn't going after the news organizations, he's going after the FBI and Justice Department, which makes the quote even more silly...