Sunday, December 12, 2004


On Thursday, Kerik was testifying in a "civil lawsuit about an alleged affair with a subordinate" (and subsequent abuse of power). Kerik's attorney was whining about "personal attacks" on his poor client. Give me a break. Kerik got a big sloppy blowjob from the media like everything else connected to St. Rudy. Sure, some print outlets finally began to do their job with the guy, but on TV Kerik was treated like the second coming. ...gilliard has more. ...and, John says:
Huh. Bush is appointed the top domestic counter-terrorism guy in the US and he doesn't even vet the guy to see if he is, well, a terrorist, or at least a bad cop. But hey, Keriks NEVER TOLD Bush the truth, and as we know, in this White House if you don't TELL the president something, then the president has no obligation to want to, or try to, find out the truth. The funny thing is that how did so many outside non-profits like CREW, and newspapers across the country, and bloggers/online reporters like John Byrne at RawStory get the inside scoop on Kerik all within a week? Yet the White House didn't have a clue, and had no way of getting a clue about Kerik? They didn't even do an FBI background check on the guy? They couldn't wait a week to do the same investigation everyone else did on the guy? Isn't homeland security worth that kind of due diligence from the White House? So where was the president while all this was happening?
Indeed. And, of course, the vetting process was handled by Alberto Gonzalez, whose contribution to justice and competence are legendary...