Thursday, December 02, 2004

Occasional Reminders

This blog does not exist for the purpose of writing about whatever you think I should be writing about.

If I don't write about things that doesn't necessarily mean I don't think they're important - I may just have nothing to say, or it may just not interest me at that moment.

Surprisingly, the world manages to learn about, say, front page New York Times stories even if I don't link to them.

Other blogs exist even if I don't link to them. Linking to a blog is not necessarily an endorsement. Failing to link to a blog is not a non-endorsement. I assume this to be true of other bloggers as well.

The opinions expressed by guest bloggers are their opinions. I choose them for a bit of variety, not because I expect them to be just like me. Expectations that I clone myself or do this 365 days per year/18 hours per day are somewhat unreasonable.

Particularly strident emails criticizing me for these reasons tend to increase the scope of my spam filter.

...and, no, the above should not be construed to mean any of the following:

Criticism of what is written here by me or by a guest blogger is not allowed.

Reader tips and suggestions are discouraged.

Eschaton - love it or leave it!