Friday, December 10, 2004

The Problem Is

When a network interviews someone, pretending they hold neutrality when they are actually partisan. That is not a legal problem, however, but an ethical one.

Fucking hell.

And, adding to that, yesterday CNN had a segment on Social Security which began with:

Social Security is in trouble. Politicians like South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham know it.

And then included diversity of opinion by experts from... the Concord Coalition and the Cato Institute.

That was it.

The Social Security media fix is in. Do you know why? Cavuto's Jordan Kimmel of the Magnet Investment group told us. Cavuto asked him:

Jordan Kimmel, if we start seeing that [privatization], that's a lotta money that makes its way to guys like you right?

Oh, it's just another, another bushel of money. The money that's been on the sidelines in the bonds. The money that's in Social Security. Again, I think you will see a certain privatization happen. And again, it's an avalanche of money and there's just so much money on the sidelines. That's why the market has been so strong for months now.

Heh. Indeed.