Friday, January 21, 2005

Dot Sex

It's really annoying when there's someone who thinks he's happened upon a truly new and breathtakingly simple solution which is neither new nor breathtakingly simple.

Despite the best filters, pornography could still find its way onto children's computer screens -- but perhaps not for long.

A Maryland lawmaker believes he has come up with a simple, cost-free way to block online pornography, television station WBAL reported.

Even the most innocent, innocuous commands while searching the Internet can turn up sites that make parents blush and dive for the delete button, the station reported.

The solution? Calling porn what it is by adding ".sex" to the end of the Web site address.


What took so long? Why didn't anybody think of this before?" he said others say.

Well, others have and they realize it's completely unenforceable and just generally a really bad idea. The wee problem is, of course, defining what sexually explicit materials are. And, it'll have a chilling effect because even mostly "non-sexually explicit sites" would have to be concerned about ocassionally crossing that line, not to mention what to do about medical and other advice sites.

I think it's a great idea to have a voluntary porn domain. It won't solve the problem entirely, but I'm sure a big chunk of the pornosphere would happily migrate there. But, mandating it just isn't going to work.