Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Good News From Iraq

Wow. From the Mayor of Loonyville:

Plus, the press loves reporting on bad news, but why don‘t they talk about the good news from Iraq?


Now, here‘s the story of an immigrant to the United States who signed up for military duty the day he got his green card. He went to Iraq and promptly volunteered for the most dangerous of duties and then proved himself worthy of the title American hero.

Sadly, few media outlets have shared his heroics with the American people, because it doesn‘t fit their liberal agenda. So, you probably haven‘t heard about his story, that is, until now.


According to “The Army Times,” quoting those who were there, a fragmentation grenade was rolled into a room where he and fellow Marines were seeking cover. He grabbed it and cradled it to his body, saving their lives, sacrificing his own.

That's the "good news." Heroic tales of sacrifice are not "good news." Last I checked it was thought to be fucking horrible when heroes died. Maybe I didn't get the memo.

And, for the record, while the Mayor of Loonyville and Oliver North claimed that the evil liberal media didn't cover this story, they lied. They've since scrolled off Google News, but I checked the day after North's 12/17 column and there were over 100 separate stories about Rafael Peralta.

(Loonyville tip thanks to Miss Authoritva commenting over at the Poor Man's pad.)