Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hey, Jonah


Jonah flashback:

Over at National Review Online, meanwhile, Jonah Goldberg is gleeful that the sniper suspects are both Muslim and black, and is hoping they turn out to be homosexual as well.

"IS JOHN MUHAMMED A THREEFER?" he asked last week. "We know the Sniper is a Nation of Islam Muslim (which is to say he belongs to a cult that uses Islamic jargon). We know he’s black. But I’ve got this nagging feeling we might find out that he also practices an alternative lifestyle—I mean besides from all of the murdering. There’s just something about this Batman and Robin act—Malvo is his ‘ward’?—that strikes me as odd, in a specific way. Call it a hunch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that."

A "threefer." I think that says it all about how much sport these guys take in bashing whole categories of minorities. It’s like: Gee, we might be able to smear homos now, in addition to Negroes and towelheads! Fun times, dude!

It’s also interesting that Goldberg delights in speculating—based on absolutely nothing—that murder suspects might be homosexual, but wasn’t compelled to tell us that 9/11 hero Mark Bingham was gay in those first days following the tragedy, when Goldberg penned columns about his helping to steer Flight 93 away from Washington. It’s at those moments, when a hero is to be lauded, that guys like Goldberg tell us that we dwell too much on sexuality, you see. But at these moments, when it’s about a couple of infamous alleged murderers, he’s just got to let us know about his "nagging feeling" about their "alternative lifestyle." Score another hit for the sniper pundits.

Steve G. responds here.

And, I really need to get my ass to the library so I can help the Cornerites with their National Review 50th anniversary celebration...