Sunday, January 16, 2005

Little Katie Communist

Aside from the fact that she's etirely unsuitable for the job, it's clear that in terms of public relations CBS hasn't got a clue. In the pantheon of network TV news people who the Right considers to be "evil librulz," Dan Rather is #1 and Katie Couric is #2. Now, this belief has no basis in fact, but nonetheless if they were to hire her they could look forward to more years of being bashed for librul bias.

I'm not suggseting CBS should hire a conservative to placate the mouth-breathers, but if they're going to hire a "liberal," they may as well hire a real one (assuming they can find one), instead of one of the Right's favorite liberal bogeymen.
From Time:

Katie Couric A network source tells TIME the Today Show co-anchor has been approached about the job. If she could be persuaded to jump, CBS would have to wait 16 months—when her NBC contract is up. But the network could name an old hand like Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer or Early Show host Harry Smith as a caretaker until then.