Monday, January 17, 2005

More Roemer

In addition, the guy's a whiner:

The candidate told a gathering in St. Louis that he wanted to have "a conversation" on issues but that he is "having trouble doing this because of negative campaigning and litmus tests."

His voice rising, Roemer added, "I like a good fight. But don't put my arms behind me. Give me a chance to talk about my values. And don't litmus-test me."
Roemer aides said he was angry over an opposition research memo being circulated in Washington and Democratic circles that outlined his voting record, which sometimes did not follow party lines.

I think I'm starting to understand this guy. For too long he's held had a seat at one the most media-blessed table in DC - the table of Moderate Democrats Who Can Do No Wrong.

Cut the crap. The job isn't for you. Go join the bipartisan panel to kill social security, or whatever.