Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Parental Notification Laws

What happens when judges get control your uterus. Here are the comments of a judge denying a minor's request to get an abortion without notifying her parents:

The legislature, in its infinite wisdom, has determined that an unborn child who never has had even the ability to do any wrong, could be put to death so that his mother can play [sports]. ...
"Ah, but this young woman has more ambition than to play [sports]. Her possible ... scholarship is but the means to the end of her becoming a [health--care provider]. But what is the duty of a [health--care provider]? To save lives. Should her child die so that, possibly, she might later save other lives?

There may be physical complications to an abortion. There may be psychological complications or consequences. She said that she does not believe that abortion is wrong, so, apparently, in spite of her church attendance, there won't be spiritual consequences, at least for the present.


This is a capital case. It involves the question whether [the minor's] unborn child should live or die.