Friday, January 14, 2005


I remember when Jerome shuttered what was one of the most popular lefty blogs at the time to go work for the Dean campaign and when Kos prominently bragged about his consulting work.

If the people obsessing about "blogger ethics" think that there's even a hint of an ethical problem here, then, well, they should just STFU about "blogger ethics."

More generally - these types of "rules" provide a playground for assholes. They're a way to create controversy by assholes who know how to exploit these things. Jerome left blogging. Markos prominently and fully disclosed. What did Zephyr say?

I really wish he -- and every other blogger/consultant -- had an easy to find, prominent client list of all clients at all times.

See, he disclosed, but he didn't disclose enough! So, a controversy has been created when no reasonable person would find one. Look, blogging does not obligate anyone to put their whole goddamn life on display for the world - to keep a constantly updated bank statement at the top of the page. Do the lawyer bloggers post a list of all of their clients? I think half the employees of DC nonprofits/advocacy groups blog anonymously -- should they all be disclosing?

People think "blogger ethics rules" will create clear bright lines to avoid controversies -- in fact, as this fake controversy makes clear, they'll do just the o pposite.

Since disclosure is the obsession, I've met Zephyr, Jerome, Markos...

...Jesse has more. God some people are fucking clueless.