Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bedrock Corporation Domains

Here are some domain names registered to the Bedrock Corporation. As World O'Crap informed us:
But this would make perfect sense, because when the folks at Kos did some digging into the background of Jeff's various sites, they found that they were all registered to "Bedrock Corp" of Wilmington, DE, and the address provided was a Mailbox, Inc location. However, poster dqueue did some further Googling and found another address for Bedrock Corp.of Wilmington -- this address was a single-family home, and it was associated with a "Jim Guckert" who was listed on a business directory page for court reporting and secretarial services in Wilmington.
The domain list:
Conservativeguy.com Conservative-guy.com Conservativelegal.com Exposejessejackson.com Jeffgannon.com Theconservativeguy.com Theconservativelegal.com The-conservative-guy.com conservative-guy.com Hotmilitarystud.com Militaryescorts.com Militaryescortsm4m.com