Wednesday, February 09, 2005


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The most interesting new bit are the minutes from a meeting of his old fraternity.

The Alumni Recruit VP stated that "JD Guckert: He is not in the CIA, NSA, or any other crazy super duper secret government agency. He is a reporter, not sure for whom, but he has definitely been in the White House briefing room on several occasions."

This is interesting for two reasons -- one is that it's another bit of proof that Guckert=Gannon. But, even more interestingly -- what would motivate the guy to say something like that? Obviously, what Guckert actually did must have been discussed at the fraternity, and it must have been some sort of running joke that he must be a spy or something. Curiouser and curiouser... The point isn't that this makes Guckert a CIA plant or something, but it does mean he was likely rather evasive about what he did, and had managed to create the impression that he was a Man of Mystery.