Sunday, February 13, 2005

It's amazing to listen to whores like Howie crying about liberal bloggers digging into Gannon's "personal life." You know, the "personal life" that he spread all over the internets. Sorry, Howie, but I read the Starr Report, and I sure don't remember the same outrage over that incursion into personal lives. Gannon made himself a public figure and left himself wide open. Maybe a little less "bathed in the blood" bragging coupled with fewer escort websites would have served Mr. Gannon's (new-found)desire for privacy.

The whine-fest is particularly risible coming, as it does, on the same week that Maryland's faux-family-values Governor Erlich had to fire his aide for getting caught spreading FALSE rumors about the family life of a potential opponent. . One of his favorite fora for dishing this made-up dirt? FreeRepublic.

Hey Mr. Erlich! Here's a clue, free from me to you. If your political ideas are so great and if you've done a such great job in your first term, you don't have to send your aides to FreeRepublic to make up lies about your opponent's marriage. Besides, people with real, you know, values, don't tell lies.