Monday, February 14, 2005

Lucianne's Little Boy Hates Feathers

Jonah didn't really mean that he was afraid to go fight in the war he supports. Nor did Jonah really mean that his little girl deserves a father with arms and legs any more than the little girls of all those fathers already over in Iraq or at Walter Reed. Nor did Jonah mean that financing his comfortable lifestyle was more important than the lifestyles of many reserve families who make real sacrifices so that their wife or husband can continue to serve term after term in Iraq. So, it's not really very clear exactly WHAT Jonah did mean. One thing, however, is crystal clear. It turns out that what Johan REALLY meant was that he just doesn't appreciate any criticism at all.

So, please, all you mean people. Quit emailing white feathers to Jonah. Really. Right now. He really doesn't appreciate them. It's Valentine's Day. It would be evil to keep sending those feathers to Jonah.

Thanks to attaturk and Tena for the headsup.