Saturday, February 05, 2005

Mouth Breathing Morons

I've been getting tons of monkey mail lately claiming that in 1999 Harry Reid supported privatizing Social Security. It's the latest memo out of Wingnut Central, being propogated by such paragons of ethical journalism such as Brit Hume (please, can we have another article about blogger ethics? It's been at least a week) and the rest of the monkey brigade. Odds are Tim Russert will be on it tomorrow, if he hasn't already.

Of course, it isn't true. Frankly, even if it was true it would be irrelevant - the fiscal picture has changed a wee bit since then. But, nonetheless, it isn't true.

I really wonder how the residents of Wingnuttia and their media mouthpieces sleep at night. I hate when I make a mistake. I hate when I get things wrong - it makes me feel like a fool and I feel responsible for making others who might not see the correction look like fools too if they pass it on. But, for some reason these people never get tired of being wrong. They must really get off on it.