Thursday, February 24, 2005

Stop Dancing

If they want to correct me they can contact me at and do so, but it appears that the good Senator from Connecticut and his staff are... how can I say this politely... completely full of shit.

Raw Story has this:

Lieberman’s spokeswoman Casey Aden Wansbury was careful to reflect the nuance in the senator’s position.

“He doesn’t support privatization as a carve-out plan that would jeopardize the benefits that people that people currently receive or add to the debt,” Aden Wansbury said.

She would not, however, rule out Lieberman’s support for private accounts if the plan would not jeopardize benefits of add to the national debt.

Lieberman “has said is he will consider reform that strengthens Social Security,” Aden Wansbury added. “He believes that if the obligation is to strengthen it. We have an obligation to look into options that will strengthen the program.”

“He is open to reforms,” she added. “He hasn’t closed his mind to all reforms.”

In other words, if Holy Joe adopts the up-is-down free lunch fake economics of the Bush administration, he can support the Bush plan. All Holy Joe needs to do is buy into the "we're not adding to the debt in the long run, we're just prepaying!" bullshit that's being peddled by Bush's con men and he's on board.