Sunday, February 06, 2005


Until every journalist covering the Social Security beat fully digests and internalizes the content of this post by Josh Marshall, they should just stop writing about it.

It isn't a new point, entirely, but it's a point which has thus far been attributed to, say, "the president's critics" or "critics of the president's plan."

Now, the point is directly attributable to VPOTUS Bigtime Dick.

The point is this:

The president is proposing to spend about 4.5 trillion dollars over 20 years to:

Change Social Security in a way which pays the average beneficiary less than is both promised under current law and payable under current projections for the next 75 years.

The cost of this is greater than the cost of fully funding the current program, such that under current projections benefits would not have to be cut at all relative to current law but instead would be fully payable.

If our media (collectively, obviously there are individual exceptions) continues to pretend to not understand this, then they are incomptents or shills.