Wednesday, February 23, 2005

We Get Letters

Blobbidy blob blob blobbidy blob blob blob.

Since writing emails to you is obviously a waste of
time...I might as well write to you in gobbledy-gook.

Ron Brynaert (ron not fucking roy)

PS - I love the fucking way A.S. attributed my work
exposing Talon News as plagiarists of real news
organizations to the raw story...without mentioning media matters

i might still like your writing...but i am fucking
going to continue to attack you fuckers for the
unethical way you choose to operate...

you won't fucking link to matter what...will

and daily kos and media matters read an article by
John Byrne at Raw Story which CLEARLY fucking states
that I fucking discovered the plagiarism but received
SCANT ATTENTION because of fuckers like you...and I
still don't get deserved credit...

A lot of people are reading me now, Duncan (for the
first time I'm using your name). You have one last
fucking chance to realize that you are making a
mistake by being a fucking elitist douchebag...and
start giving links to smaller blogs like me...and
responding to your emails...or I am going to blog
about this.

I am not only going to blog about this...I am going to
circulate this e-mail through the blogosphere.
Including at your maybe you might want to
take down your haloscan for a couple of days
AGAIN...or ban my ip from doing so.


Ron Brynaert (ron not fucking roy) have 24 hours to respond to this in any way
you like...if you just fucking respond to a goddamned
email for once that I took the time to sent you...then
maybe we can not waste any more time on this...i can't
force you to link to me...even though my work has
resulted in congressional action....but I deserve a

You fuckers play a nice little ignore
criticism because you don't want to give the people
who criticize you any attention...

That makes you worse than the right-leaning bloggers.
When I (or other smaller bloggers like tas at ) blog about the biggest of the right
wingers they at least have the balls to defend

This is such a waste of my time...but it's just as
important as everything I'm working on. You big-time
bloggers from the left are not going to continue to
get away with this. A lot of people are seeing what
you are go on the radio and claim to speak
for the kos last night on air america
who didn't even mention susan g.......when you really
speak for yourselves.