Monday, March 28, 2005


What's with this NYT article being so forgiving to judges and creditors who don't understand a plainly simple law:

A longstanding federal law strictly limits the ability of his mortgage company and other lenders to foreclose against active-duty service members... The problem, most military law specialists say, is that too many lenders, debt collectors, landlords, lawyers and judges are unaware of the federal statute or do not fully understand it... Little-Known Legislation... But the news was apparently slow in reaching those who would have to interpret and enforce the law... "There are 50,000 judges in this country and God knows how many lawyers," said Alexander P. White, a county court judge in Chicago and the chairman of one of the American Bar Association's military law committees. "Are people falling down on the job - the judges, the bar, the military? Probably." And broad understanding of the law "is not going to happen overnight."

Reading through the rest of the article, most of the examples are of people just getting shafted. What's with the "oh, no one knows about this little law" crap.