Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Bowers has some questions for Chait which are pretty good regarding his recent mini-tantrum about "the suicidal purity of the Democratic party's left wing, embodied by the Howard Dean movement and its fanatical internet contingent."

Of course, what Chait's really talking about isn't purity with respect to politicians - there isn't actually much of that. Hell, if there were we'd all give up and go vote for the latest incarnation of Ralph. He's talking about flak that an Even the New Republic writing, Iraq war supporting, Anti-Dean blog running pundit gets because he's ostensibly representing a "left" which has little actual voice in the media.

I'm sure he got lots of nastyness from Dean supporters, but he did sort of invite it by thinking that the best use of his time was to devote himself to fanatically nuking his candidacy on the internet.