Saturday, March 05, 2005

Congressman Gibbons Says - SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Ah, this is great. Gibbons now says he didn't want to send people who kept their mouths shut to their deaths, just the ones who acatually spoke up.


ELKO - The controversy over Rep. Jim Gibbons' speech at Elko's Lincoln Day dinner was splashed onto the screens of television viewers across the nation Thursday night.

Nevada Democratic Party spokesman Jon Summers appeared on FOX News' Hannity & Colmes show to discuss the congressman's remarks.

Gibbons' speech last Friday, which strongly backed the American forces battling the war on terrorism and condemned anti-war activists, has stirred up a national furor.

Summers, in his comments on the cable news debate program, touched on the issue of "human shields" contained in Gibbons' speech.

"Jim Gibbons came out and he said anyone that opposed this administration's policy - and anyone that disagreed with him - ought to be used as human body armor," Summers said.

Elko County Commissioner John Ellison, who attended the Lincoln Day dinner, said Summers twisted Gibbons' comments.

"He did not make those accusations ...," Ellison said. "Gibbons' comments were not directed at Americans who privately have concerns regarding the war, but at outspoken liberal celebrities trying to undermine the troops fighting for this nation."

And, what a little idiot Limbaugh Jr is:

During the program, Summers said Gibbons' speech had been plagiarized from Alabama State Auditor Beth Chapman.

Sean Hannity said that was an allegation.

"It has already been reported on in the Nevada press," Summers countered. "In fact, by the newspaper that broke the story to begin with."

Hannity said he would not allow Summers to "make allegations" without Gibbons being there to respond.