Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DC Folk - Get Visible

Tom Delay and the Republicans are holding an Outdoor Media Event TODAY in DC to Promote Privatization of Social Security!

Let’s take to the streets and make OUR presence known.
Tom Delay must know that nowhere is safe for Republicans to promote privatization.

Where: 1st and Independence St, SE (1 block north of Capitol South metro)
When: 1:45 pm TODAY
Why: To show there is strong opposition to privatizing Social Security - An Americans United to Protect Social Security Rally!
What: A short little march outside their event (2:00 on the Cannon Terrace)

Take 20 minutes out of you day to join us! The Privatization folks are using this time to promote their agenda­Lets not let that happen!

****Stop the Lies, Don’t Privatize****

If you have any question contact

Alison Whelan
Americans United to Protect Social Security