Wednesday, March 09, 2005

George Bush Is Responsible for Everything

A big problem with the administration flunkies and their assorted allies in the commentariat giving credit to George W. Bush for all nice-sounding political happenings in the world is that doing so aligns whatever political movement with the US and the Bush administration, and knocks the legs out from under it. This shouldn't be too difficult to comprehend. Just as opposition to the Bush administration is characterized as "pro-saddam" or whatever in this country, as long as political oppposition movements in other countries can be painted as "pro-US" or "pro-Bush" or even as being directly funded by the US they can be deligitimized (or branded as traitors).

Apparently even Jonah Goldberg is smart enough to understand that things on both sides are a wee bit more complicated in Lebanon. But, to the extent that one side of this is something we're more approving of, sometimes it's in our interest to pretend that it isn't actually in our interest...