Monday, March 14, 2005

Ministry of Silly Hacks

I've long thought that Marshall Wittmann was a very silly person, and with this post he degenerates into a self-parody of the self-parody that he normally is.

But, just to make clear why people like me don't like Joe Lieberman - it's because he's a Fox News Democrat. Yes, his unwavering support for Bush's disastrous foreign policy and his love for torture don't win him any points either, but he's not the only Democrat for whom that applies.

And, on most issues, it isn't even true that Lieberman is particularly conservative. Yes, he huffs and puffs about the evils of Hollywood and video games, but his voting record on most issues is fairly good.

The problem with Lieberman isn't that he's too far to the right it's that he's frequently willing to adopt and perpetuate Republican spin points. It's okay to criticize your own side, and it's okay to have some independence. What isn't okay is attacking your own side in a way which benefits the other guys, especially when it's most of what you do.

It's a big tent, but not big enough for the Fox News Democrats.