Wednesday, March 30, 2005


One of the Gannon issues which sort of got lost in the shuffle when all the hotmilitaryescortm4m stuff came out was the fact that, among his other issues, he was a serial plagiarizer. Media Matters caught him lifting from GOP docs verbatim, and my good friend Ron has him stealing stuff from the Associated Press.

Meanwhile this letter to Medianews is good:

From WELDON BERGER: Subject -- Kristinn Taylor [letter below]. Neither Jeff Gannon nor James Guckert have a First Amendment right to appear at the National Press Club. He does have a First Amendment right to refer to himself as a blogger and journalist, but the press club's Jonathon Salant said in an e-mail to me this morning that the press club does not consider him to be either, and that his participation in the panel arises from his having been cleared into the briefings almost daily over a period of two years despite White House guidelines mandating a hard pass, with the attendant FBI background check, for anyone who plans to attend regularly (something that was made quite clear to me with respect to Eric Brewer, the contributor to my blog who has been cleared to attend the briefings on an occasional basis).

In addition to any other questions regarding Gannon/Guckert's role as a
journalist, blogger Ron Brynaert has unearthed a few examples of Gannon/Guckert having apparently plagiarized from at least one AP story. So long as he's on the panel, someone probably ought to pursue that issue as well.

Why the press club expects to learn anything Gannon/Guckert hasn't already said is something of a mystery. He says he doesn't know why he was accorded special treatment, and he says he is a journalist; there's no reason to think he'll elaborate on either issue or that he'll come up with anything that will clarify the "who is a journalist" question.

I put the part in bold for all the people in the media who, for reasons which I still have not been able to fathom, seem to get really really confused about why this was ever an issue to begin with.