Thursday, March 31, 2005

They Get Letters


From BRIAN MORTON, Baltimore City Paper: I find it quite amusing that the National Press Club has now closed off its panel on "Who Is A Journalist" to "NPC members and credentialed media only" after originally opening it to the public. You see, when I wrote my political column at the Baltimore City Paper from 1994-96, I was credentialed to the House Periodical Press gallery. Since I resumed writing in in 2002, I haven't bothered to re-apply for those credentials, so I am now "uncredentialed" press. But to me, the real irony is, I'd wager that no fewer than three members of the panel -- Garrett Graff, Ana Marie Cox and of course, James Guckert, wouldn't be allowed to come in and see themselves pontificate from the dais, as they wouldn't otherwise meet the Press Club's own requirements.

And in response to Glenn Kenny's argument that "it's just one stupid
panel," Mr. Kenny, Matt Drudge addressed the NPC before, and has used
it as a resume item ever since -- I believe he still keeps a link to the text of his address on his website. So, unless you want to hear about "Jim Gannon, the courageous journalist who spoke before the prestigious National Press Club" every time he's paid to trot out before some conservative organization and blast the "mainstream media," you might want to invest in it a little more concern. Me, I'm waiting to see the NPC panel: "Plagiarism: Does It Hurt Your Career?" Aside from Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair, perhaps, since the NPC's Jonathan Salant doesn't consider Guckert a journalist, recent revelelations might suggest he would be a more appropriate person to join them.