Monday, March 14, 2005

Too Much To Ask

A little while back Yglesias wrote about his experiences with Mike Allen on a panel:

He said that news writers are trying to present both sides' points-of-view, hence the "he said, she said" quality to it, but that they're trying to present these points-of-view in such a way so that a discerning reader can tell who's right based on reading the story.

I suppose this story about Tom DeLay is an example of that. A discerning reader can indeed tell that DeLay's defenders are buffoons and hacks, that Allen knows that, and that their inclusion in the story is just a way to maintain "balance" while making it perfectly clear what in Allen's mind the truth is. But, that's not what most readers take away from it. Most readers get that this is just another he said/she said story.