Saturday, March 12, 2005

Wanker of the Day

Greg Mankiw. I don't have a sub. so I can't read the whole thing but the first paragraph is enough.

Harvard University is, by some measures, one of the most left-wing institutions on the face of the earth. So you may be surprised to hear that it has endorsed George W. Bush's proposal for Social Security reform. Literally, of course, that is not true. But the retirement plan Harvard has set up for faculty members like me bears a striking resemblance to what the Social Security system would become under the president's proposed changes.

Yes, because Harvard has a 401K plan we should destroy social security. This type of thing is so goddamn stupid it's embarrassing. You expect it from, say, Jonah Goldberg but one would've thought Mankiw had a vested interest in maintaining his reputation of not being a moron.