Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Always About the Sex

This closing line to this post is pretty damn offensive. Max takes care of it pretty well here, but I just want to chime in a bit too. The issue that puzzles people like me and understandably troubles Crazy Andy is not simply that the Church has a position on sex and sexuality or even a position on sex and sexuality that we might disagree with. I disagree with the Church on just about everything! I'm not Catholic!

The question isn't why for Sullivan or me or anybody else it's "always about the sex." The question is why in contemporary society much of religion is all about the sex, and especially gay sex. Last I checked there were all kinds of sins and all kinds of sinning going on. The Church may never stop considering homosexuality to be a "moral evil." But, they consider lots of things to be "moral evils." Why the obsession with hot gay sex?

I realize this doesn't apply across the board to all religions. But, it certainly applies to the public discussion of religion and morality, especially where it intersects with politics.