Thursday, April 28, 2005

Document the Atrocities

From the guy behind the podium, and those in front of it...

...okay, here's the basic deal with what Bush is outlining. The Pozen plan cuts benefits for middle and upper income people a lot, not so much for low income. But, over time what will happen is that benefits will converge. Eventually, the link between income/taxes paid and benefits will be totally gone - everyone will receive the same benefit level. For upper income people, this will be a tiny part of their overall retirement income, and Social Security will be fully transformed into a welfare system.

congrats for that douchebaggery. "Are you frustrated?" What kind of question is that.

Why does George II hate George I? Poppy:

Sherman: What will you do to win the votes of the Americans who are atheists?

Bush: I guess I'm pretty weak in the atheist community. Faith in God is important to me.

Sherman: Surely you recognize the equal citizenship and patriotism of Americans who are atheists?

Bush: No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.