Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Et Tu, Newt?

Gingrich on DeLay, last night on CBS:

Former Representative NEWT GINGRICH (Republican, Georgia; Former House Speaker): I don't want to prejudge him, and I--my hope is that Tom will be able to prove his case. But I think the burden is on him to prove it at this stage.

GLORIA BORGER reporting:

And do you think he's doing that?

Mr. GINGRICH: I don't know yet. I think that the jury's out, and I think that he is going to have--you know, my only advice through friends has been that they have got to get everything out in the open, and they've got to understand that this is not something where fighting a delaying tactic does anything except to hurt his case.

BORGER: He's said that this is the liberal media going after him.


BORGER: You agree with that?

Mr. GINGRICH: Well, that's the famous Hillary Clinton defense, This is the vast left-wing cor--you know, conspiracy as opposed to her description of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

BORGER: So he's using...

Mr. GINGRICH: I'm saying when you're being attacked, the first thing you naturally do is you describe your attackers. In this case, that won't work. DeLay's problem isn't with the Democrats. DeLay's problem is with the country. And so DeLay has a challenge, I think, to lay out a case that the country comes to believe, that the country decides is legitimate. If he does that, he's fine.

SCHIEFFER: Gingrich's comments came during an interview about his new book, "Winning the Future."