Friday, April 08, 2005

Ho Ho Ho

There are a lot of reasons, but a prominent reason journalists run from serious treatment of the Gannon story is that they're absolutely petrified that the light they regularly shine on the personal lives of the rest of us will ever be directed at anyone masquerading as a journalist. Of course Gannon's sex life was only relevant because it raised interesting additional questions about just how he had such access to the White House.

Some fun at the Times:

NEW YORK Fired New York Times foreign correspondent Susan Sachs, who lost her job for allegedly sending anonymous e-mails to the wives of Times reporters in Baghdad commenting on the reporters' sexual behavior, contends she is innocent and will fight the charges against her.

“I am completely absolutely innocent of the accusations made by The Times,” Sachs said in an e-mail to E&P late Friday. “To underline that fact, I have taken a polygraph test administered by a competent and independent expert, during which I repeated that I am innocent of these accusations, and I passed the polygraph test with flying colors.”

Sachs told E&P in the email that "this nightmare" began last month. "I leave it to The Times to provide you the details of the false accusations that have been made," she wrote.