Sunday, April 10, 2005

I've Arrived

From the Sacramento Bee:

A news junkie, Cho said her reading is "all over the place. I travel so much, it's whatever paper is outside my door in the morning. Plus whatever's on TV ... CNN. (Web sites) Atrios and DailyKos and those places are good sources. It's kind of like anywhere you can pick up information. This show is dependent on that.

"I also have a Paparazzi watch," she said. Made by Swatch, the watch delivers news and other information via MSN Direct. "It's very 'Inspector Gadget.' It has a button with a news feature for news from all over the world. It's right there on my wrist."

Cho said the content of the "Assassin" show "changes quite a bit over the run of it." It's probably more political than sexual in content, she said, because "politics is more exciting and immediate." She said the act has "grown out."

And, make sure to check out her show. It's great.