Friday, April 08, 2005

LA Radio

Johnny Wendell, who I've sort of known "online" on and off for awhile is getting his own show in LA. He's great tough take no bullshit kind of liberal, and should be good fun. From the press release:

(April 8, 2005) KTLK, the Progressive Talker that launched at 1150 AM on February 3, is taking its first step to make the station live and local. Tomorrow, the “lefties,” as weekday middayer Ed Shultz likes to describe his show, kicks off with a familiar name from KFI, Johnny Wendell (photo). He’ll work from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Johnny has written for the LA Weekly for years under the name, Johnny Angel. Liberal Web site described him: “Johnny knows how to work a crowd. His voice is the perfect timbre for radio, and he's sharp and coherent, even when - or especially when - giving the heave-ho to annoying callers. He keeps the show light and snappy, even as he deals with the most serious of topics, yet he never fumbles or fudges facts. His standards are higher than most mainstream reporters, yet he slides the medicine down with a smile.”