Thursday, April 28, 2005

Maybe God Likes Me After All

I'm not sure which day was my favorite in recent times - when the Limbaugh scandal broke or the O'Reilly one. But, the Limbaugh one is the one which keeps on giving...

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday declined to consider an appeal from commentator Rush Limbaugh claiming his privacy was violated when his medical records were seized for an investigation of whether he illegally purchased painkillers.

The 4-3 order did not explain the court's reasoning.

Limbaugh's attorney had also objected to the use of search warrants to obtain the medical records in 2003. The documents have remain sealed, pending the outcome of Limbaugh's appeals.

A prosecution spokesman declined to say when his office might begin reviewing the records.

It was unclear whether Limbaugh has any more legal options to stop the investigation. Limbaugh's spokesman, Tony Knight, said attorneys were considering their options.

Like most evil liberals, I object to harsh sentencing for drug offenders and certainly think treatment is preferable to jail. But, Limbaugh has a very prominent platform which he could be using to advocate changes to the laws along these lines, which he doesn't do. Go here and scroll around the page for some of Rush's deep thoughts on drug users.