Thursday, April 14, 2005

Religion Without Theology

I guess this is where we are, now. Christian religions of all types are implicitly good, but we can't actually have any theological discussion because that's the same as religious bigotry.

PITTSBURGH -- An evangelical Christian talk show host who questioned the beliefs of the Catholic church and entertained a caller's question about whether the late Pope John Paul II would go to heaven has been fired.

Last week, Minto questioned some of the Catholic church's beliefs, such as purgatory, and fielded a question from a caller who asked whether the pope would go to heaven. Many evangelical Christians believe that someone must be a "born-again" believer to enter heaven.


"WORD-FM needs to function in this city in support of the entire church -- that means everybody -- and not focus on denominational issues," Gratner said.

There is no "entire church." There are a bunch of different denominations with entirely different basic belief systems, once you get past the Jesus thing. It's time to grow up and recognize this instead of painting Christianity as some ill-defined congregation of social conservatives.