Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Sullivan responds to Big Media Matt. It seems it's all about members of Congress giving "I feel your pain" speeches about the difficulties of child-raising. That's fine, especially when they're practicing small-scale retail politics with their constituents. But, the job of members isn't to emote, it's to actually legislate. So, when Congressman X starts speaking about an issue, the obvious follow-up is oh, yeah, what are you going to do about it?. Sullivan writes:

I believe there are actually policies Democrats can pursue that don't involve censoring free speech or impacting how adults consume popular culture. But sometimes it's not about policies.

Which policies? I'd like to hear about them. Because, otherwise what we're going to get is some grandstanding and nothing. Again, I'm all for some "feel your pain" speeches, but I'd prefer they're followed up with constructive policies which might actually make raising families a wee bit easier - such as, you know, providing them with health care. In terms of what causes parental pain, Janet's booby and its relatives are small fish...