Tuesday, April 12, 2005


What Big Media Matt says. I just do not ever know what the cultural prudes on the left actually want the Democrats to do other than give smarmy Joe Lieberman speeches on the evils of the video game industry. I don't ever even know exactly what it is in the entertainment industry that they're so offended about.

Maybe I'm slightly unsympathetic in part because I don't quite get the obsession with shielding children from anything that hints at sex. "Family television" products in the UK certainly don't show a lot of sex, but they don't pretend it doesn't exist either. To me it isn't the acknowledgment of sex, it's the schizophrenic hypersexualization (young Britney Spears videos) combined with the "pretend it doesn't exist" attitude towards sex itself which is a problem. It seems to me that growing up understanding that sex is a perfectly normal and healthy activity that grownups engage in, rather than some alien thing done by bizarre people at 2 in the morning on Cinemax, isn't such a bad thing. And, yes, I have no kids so feel free to bash me.

But, even leaving that aside - right now parents have the ability to both prevent their kids from watching things on TV by blocking channels AND to provide them with a full library of parent-approved programming with cheap DVDs, etc... And, yes I know that as kids get older it gets harder and harder to maintain, but as the kids get older it also presumably gets less important to shield them from things.