Sunday, May 15, 2005

Behind the Curtains

Things don't always come to pass. For example, the Wisconsin cat killing proposal failed. And the Texas bawdy cheerleaders proposal isn't going anywhere, either. And in Missouri, the most pro-life state of the union, new pro-life legislation didn't get through:

``I am profoundly disappointed in the leaders of Missouri Right to Life for their efforts to defeat two good pro-life bills that would have become the law and protected the lives of unborn children but for the group's tragic and bizarre tactic of working against pro-life legislation,''[Governor] Blunt said in a statement announcing the special session.

Anti-abortion lawmakers claim 128 of the 162 House seats and 28 of the 34 Senate seats.

``We have the largest pro-life bipartisan majority ever elected, and they could not get pro-life legislation through, and this to me is attributable to Governor Blunt,'' Missouri Right to Life President Pam Fichter declared.

Anti-abortion groups asserted the failed legislation did not go far enough in its abortion restrictions. A broader bill previously passed in the Senate had been pared back in a House committee at Blunt's urging; a separate House-passed bill was similarly scaled back in a Senate Committee.

Blunt said he intervened because the bills had stalled - and he expressed concerns about a provision that he feared could negatively affect stem cell research.

This Missouri case is especially interesting: first cracks in the wingnut solidarity. Maybe we can help them along?