Sunday, May 15, 2005


It's Sunday, and time for our study of religion and wingnuttery. Hottest link on the subject, of course, is Frank Rich's Just How Gay Is the Right? - a further exploration of the homophobic closet-queen phenomenon.

Next up, Kristof on Liberal Bible-Thumping, noting that, "After all, the Bible depicts Jesus as healing lepers, not slashing Medicaid." A nice departure from his usual implications that Christianity is owned by the right. But when is he going to notice that the press, much like Kristof himself, mostly just ignores the Christian left, even when they are putting out press releases, starting new organizations, and generally doing things that ought to be covered in the press?

In any case, Gospel-based Christians (as opposed to the other kind that just ignores the teachings of Jesus) are getting mad and organizing to try to combat the takeover of Christianity by what can most accurately be described as "hate groups". Too bad Kristof isn't writing about that.