Monday, May 09, 2005

Give the (person) what they Want

I was relaxing this evening, checking in on this blog occasionally. Avedon and Echidne have put up some really excellent and substantive posts.

But a comment and a couple emails asked me for some SNARK, not just snide asides within a post, but a some sort of attempt, no matter how lame, for "the funny".

Well, for my two or three fans, your wish is my command. Bit of a retread from my blog earlier.


I heard that CNN's view poll earlier today was unbelievable. However, I was busy and sort of just shrugged it off. It wasn't really a priority because, come on, it's the CNN viewer poll, outside of torturing Lou Dobbs what is it good for?

But eventually I got there, and jiminy jeebus it is certainly a cosmically important question, one that has definitely been a stumper for humanity lo these many years.

Do you believe a dog could care for a baby?


Yes was a landslide.

Insert Santorum joke *HERE*. Now I love dogs, but c'mon!

I look forward to future CNN viewer polls, such as:

Would you like Space Aliens to clean your carpets?

Hey, is your gerbil looking at you funny?

How would you feel if Benedict XVI mowed your lawn?

Can Carrot Top feed your fish?, or even better,

Can we feed Carrot Top to your fish?

Light the fuse Jeebus, I'm ready for the end times!!