Tuesday, May 31, 2005


One of the things sitting in my massive mail pile was a lab report taken from a life insurance policy related health examination. I'm pretty sure I've so far managed to get through 33 years of life without ever having any kind of basic blood work. I've been a bit behind in checkups, but I have had them and they've always managed to not bother to check the levels of all of those exciting things, some of which I can identify and some of which I can't. I never pushed for it because of my rather annoying habit of fainting during the extraction process, but I was always a bit disappointed.

While never being much of a hypochondriac, I admit I was a bit worried about what might be found. But, judging from the little printout I have I'm fantastically healthy, at least as measured by the things they've measured and the "usual clinical range" they've conveniently provided.

88 LDL bitches!