Monday, May 16, 2005

"Hearts & Minds"

From the Washington Post, we learn that Operation Matador was pretty much the opposite of what the Pentagon claims, a bunch of bull if you will:

..."Where the [expletive] are these guys?" Maj. Kei Braun exclaimed in frustration.

It was noon Friday. The Marines had swept Arabi and found only frightened Iraqi families hiding in their homes. They had found more bombs in the roads, but no enemy to fight...So, within sight of Syria, they searched caves in the high, sheer rock escarpment that circles part of Arabi. Seeing a man come out of a cave, look out and go back in, a U.S. helicopter crew shot a Hellfire missile. Commanders came on the radio. Those were ordinary Iraqis hiding inside the caves, the commanders said. Hold off.

Chalk up another Vietnam analogy. The Iraqi people are victims and our soldiers are victims of the folly of a group of craven ideologues, headed by this fool:

But must not question our leaders, must not ask for accountability, must find way to look for other scapegoats.

Photo from the Last Minute.