Monday, May 09, 2005

More liberal media, please!

If you're not yet familiar The White Rose Society, check it out now, because Ben Burch provides a valuable service, and has been doing so since long before we had anything like Air America. Ben has also started his own journal, and today has a post on another one of my favorite subjects, which is how to create a comprehensive liberal media:
Do you really think that the Right would own the freaking media if the rich criminals that seem to lead it had not opened up their pocketbooks and supported vermin like Rush and Drudge and Coulter?

Where is the similar effort on our side?

Ben is angry, and I don't blame him. The structures on the left seem to be very top-down and the money that comes into them goes upward rather than being spread around.

It's an interesting microcosmic look at the difference between the effectiveness of progressive versus conservative ideals:

- the conservatives use the progressive methodology that moves money through their infrastructure and generates real profit for them;

- the Democrats use conservative methodology that starves the base and the activists and makes it cripplingly hard to survive while still doing the work of promoting progressive ideals.

So conservatives are proving that liberalism works better, and liberals are proving that conservatism doesn't.

Now, if only the moneyed Democrats could show a little faith in liberalism, we might really get somewhere.